Learn How To Produce Your Own Demos or Radio Ready Songs in Minutes

Maschine is one of the most used and powerful music production tools used by all of the top producers. In this course we will teach you how to use Maschine to start producing your music from your home studio.


What You'll Learn

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What Is Maschine

Learn the basics of how to set up, install and get started with Maschine

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Virtual Instruments

Learn how to use virtual instruments, beats and sounds to fully produce your own music

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Song Structure

Learn how to easily structure your songs the way that hit songwriters and producers do

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Learn the maschine eco-system and master groups and song parts, looping and working with or without an interface

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Find out how to export your songs and productions in the proper format to work with others or send to digital streaming outlets

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Step By Step

Watch and learn how to produce a song from a blank screen all the way to a finished master all in Maschine

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Make Radio Ready Songs in Minutes

In this course, we will teach you step by step the skills you need to know to create everything from demos of your songs to radio and streaming service ready productions using Native Instruments Maschine. Maschine is not just for beatmakers, it is a full production interface for all genres of music.



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Individual Course


Top features

  • Access To The Maschine for Songwriters & Producers Course
  • Learn How to Use Virtual Instruments, Beats and Sounds
  • Learn Song Structure
  • Real time advice and answers to your questions from your instructor
  • Start Producing in Minutes



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