All The Tools You Need To Start Making Money With Your Music

Yes, the music business requires a lot of hard work, persistence, consistency and sacrifice, BUT, if you have the proper information, tools and guidance and are willing to invest in yourself, being successful is obtainable and well within your grasp. 


What You'll Learn

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Laying The Monetization Foundation

How to get yourself and your music in a position to earn money. Everything from publishing to music tagging

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Getting Your Music in Tv/Film

Learn the secrets and strategy to getting your music placed in popular tv shows, films and commercials

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Making Social Media Pay

Learn proven strategies to grow your fanbase and turn followers into a recurring revenue stream

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Effective Distribution

Learn the best platforms and methods that are the best fit for indie artists to distribute music

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The Secret To Spotify 

Find out how to make Spotify profitable and get your music on the playlists that matter

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Turning Fans Into Customers

Learn how to turn your fans into customers that will buy your music and merch

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Making Money In The Music Business Doesn't Have To Be Hard


Learn the proven strategies that the most successful independent artists, songwriters and producers use to grow their fan-bases and monetize their music. Then put these same strategies to work in your own career and start making money!



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Individual Course


Top features

  • Access To The Monetize Your Music Course
  • Learn How to Get Your Music in TV shows, films & Commercials
  • Learn The Secrets To Spotify
  • Real time advice and answers to your questions from your instructor
  • Start Making Money with Your Music



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